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By the President Ilham Aliyev`s Decree on Deepening Judicial and Legal Reforms dated April 3, 2019, there are taken consistent measures to recruit additional judges at the expense of highly trained lawyers, for which a transparent selection of judges is carried out.

44 successful candidates were involved in a long-term training course at the Academy of Justice. During the course, special attention is paid to their learning, as well as international experience.

Azerbaijan and Turkey have established fruitful cooperation between the Academies of Justice and in the past, with the support of the Turkish side, about 300 Azerbaijani candidates for judges have received theoretical and practical training in the fraternal country.

Taking into account the application of a special quarantine regime in connection with the global pandemic COVID-19, the Academies of Justice of the two countries organized a distance learning course in video conference format on July 16-22 for candidates currently undergoing training.

Rector of the Turkish Academy of Justice Muhittin Ozdemir and Deputy Rector of the Azerbaijan Academy of Justice Elchin Khalafov spoke at the opening of the training, noting the development of friendly and fraternal relations between the two countries based on ancient history in all spheres, the strong political will of the leaders of our countries to strengthen bilateral cooperation, our states always supported each other, and Turkey`s support for Azerbaijan during the military provocation committed by Armenia in the direction of Tovuz on the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border was especially emphasized.

The sides expressed satisfaction with the development of our relations in the legal field and noted the importance of joint events, including distance learning for candidates for judges and the study of international experience.

Candidates for the position of judge were demonstrated a representation on the activities of the Turkish Academy of Justice, and were informed about the Turkish judicial system and specialized court proceedings, UYAP - SEGBIS (Turkish National Electronic Court and Justice Information System, Voice and Video Information System), e-notification, application of electronic measures in executive bodies and the executive procedure, mediation and corruption crimes.

According to the program of the course, the topics were taught by influential judges of Turkey, interesting discussions were held, useful exchange of views was held on the issues of interest to the candidates.



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