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Within the implemented measures, selection of candidates to judicial post is being held in transparent condition, at international demands level according to the assignments of the head of state on improvement of judiciary in Azerbaijan.

Due to the new progressive rules in recent years, more than 300 well-prepared lawyers from 2600 candidates have successfully finished the written and oral exams, as well as long-term training courses and were appointed to relevant judicial post as a result of multistage selection process.

The submittal of applications of the candidates has been started from the last year relating to the necessity in judges and 806 candidates have proposed their candidacy.

Test examination was held in common auditorium – at the Press Center of “Baku Crystal Hall” for all judge candidates on the 9th of June. Every stage of the examination that held jointly with theCentre for State Exam, including selection of questions and checking the answers were conducted in the auditorium, in the presence of candidates, as well as more than 30 representatives of international organizations and local NGOs, television and press representatives.

Test collections in 10 different versions were selected by lototron from test bank (1300 questions) that drafted by the Judges Selection Committee. Then judge candidates selected a collection from the bank and the collection was multiplied by copying machine and distributed among candidates.

After checking by special optical device, the results of the examination that had continued in 4 hours were announced in the venue and uploaded into web-pages of the Judicial-Legal Council and Centre for State Exam.

The exam process has been broadcasted on-line in web-page of the Judicial-Legal Council. The exam process was highly appreciated by observers as transparent procedure.



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