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On May 26, the Minister of Justice, Chairman of Judicial-Legal Council Fikrat Mammadov met the delegation led by the Chairman of the Constitutional Court of Turkey Zuhtu Arslan, who visited Azerbaijan.

Having emphasized the relations of friendship, brotherhood and strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Turkey, the Minister stressed the significance of regular, also recent reciprocal visits of the heads of states in the development of these relations and congratulated the guests on formation of new government in Turkey. As well as, he stressed further expansion of legal relations basing on rich contract base and the efficient reciprocal activity between judicial and justice bodies.

Having noted that the relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan are at high level in all areas, the guest expressed his satisfaction for his next visit to Azerbaijan and stressed that he observed comprehensive improvement and obtained high achievements of Azerbaijan, as well as delivered his congratulations on 28th of May – Republic Day.

The guests were informed on the reforms implementing under the leadership of the head of state Ilham Aliyev and serving to the independence of judiciary, including modernization of judicial system and infrastructure and most transparent selection of judges appreciated as an example in Europe. Having touched to the judges’ training, theoretical and practical trainingwas appreciated which taken disinterestedly by all judge candidates in Turkey with the support of Justice Academy of this country.

Having noted that wide potential exists for the development of legal relations, efficient exchange of experience and views was conducted during the meeting.

The guests also got acquainted with Justice History Museum in the ministry.



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