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In accordance with the assignments of the head of state, the following open competition is held in Azerbaijan on selection of judge candidates within the measures implemented on improving the judiciary.

More than 800 lawyers put forward their candidacy to judgeship during the receipt of judge candidates documents which lasted more than 4 months. Currently, the preparation courses are arranged by Judges Selection Committee in order to help candidates to prepare examinations. Experienced specialists make speeches on the topical issues on various fields of law and the questions of candidates are replied at the courses that held on Saturday of every week.

It is intended to arrange the test examination which is the first stage of competition with judge candidates, in the Press Center of “Baku Crystal Hall” – in common audience for all candidates in order to carry out the examination jointly with State Examination Center on June 9 of the current year and to ensure the transparency. Test questions will be directly selected at exam hall by the attendance of candidates and observers, answers will be checked immediately on the spot and announced after the examination finished.

Additional information related to test exam, including submitting the entrance cards and other issueswill be given.



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