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The President Ilham Aliyev s assignments related to decent service to the people by state bodies, care and sensitive approach to citizens appeals are kept in constant attention, meantime full ensuring of the principle of justice and for this purpose reception of the citizens in the regions is continuing.

The Minister of Justice, Chairman of Judicial-Legal Council Fikrat Mammadov received citizens living in Zardab, Ucar and Aghjabadi regions in Heydar Aliyev center of Zardab region, on May 2.

Before the reception the Minister and the head of Executive Power of Zardab region Lutvali Babayevvisited the monument to national leader HeydarAliyev and expressed deep respect for the memory of the great leader.

Registration for the reception started in advance, also citizens took advantage of opportunity of subscribing directly by the e-services portal of the ministry.

During the reception taken throughout the day, every citizen carefully listened in connection with justice and judicial activities, as well as a variety of other issues, some of the issues raised in the appeals were resolved on the spot, the relevant instructions was given to the responsible officials of ministry who attended in the reception on other appeals.

At the same time, appeals on other issues not related to the activity of judicial activity reviewed, provided their send on determination for investigation.

Expressing their satisfaction for the creation of convenient and favorable conditions for local residents to receipt and review applications on the spot, citizens expressed their gratitude to the President IlhamAliyev for his care and attention.

The Minister of Justice has acquainted with the activity and working conditions of local judicial and justice bodies and meeting the judges and justice employees, he spoke of the significance of new National Action Plan adopted by the Decree of state President on promotion of Open government for upcoming 2016-2018. He pointed out the requirements of the head of state relating to duties arising from this significant document, the elimination cases creating conditions for corruption, enhancing the transparency, ensuring the fairness of the decisions, as well as avoidance of biased approach, establishment of civil-servant relationship on a healthy basis, decent service to the people, the strict adherence of ethics conduct rules and he gave relevant recommendations and instructions.



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