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As a result of reforms carried out in Azerbaijan the new body, the Judicial-Legal Council of Azerbaijan Republic has been established in February of 2005 Year that implements self-governance functions of the Judiciary. The Judicial-Legal Council shall be composed of 15 members which 9 of them are Judges, at the same time representatives of advocacy and public prosecution member of the Council.
Arrangement of selection of candidates who are not Judges to the vacant Judicial posts, evaluation of the activity of Judges, transfering of Judges to different Judicial post, their promotion, calling Judges to disciplinary liability, as well as, other issues related to courts and Judges are under competence of the Council.
Procedure of disciplinary liability of the Judges has been recently reviewed and independency of the Judiciary has not been lost from sight.
During previous years as consequence of basic evaluation of the activity of Judges staff app. 40 Judges authority were terminated, and number of judges staff increased 50%.
The legal foundation of the activity of the Judicial-Legal Council are Constitution of Azerbaijan, international treaties to which it is a party, the Judicial-Legal Council Act, Courts and Judges Act and other legislative acts.
The Judicial-Legal Council is the permanently functioning independent body and does not depend on legislative, executive and judicial authorities, local self-governments or legal and natural persons in organizational, financial and other matters. The Council operates jointly with legislative, exective and Judicial authorities, Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan and scientific organizations.

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