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Judicial-Legal Council has formed the Judges Selection Committee vested with selection of candidates for the vacant Judicial posts as a independent body, so defined the most progressive and transparent rules of Judges’ selection in Europe.
After appraisal of experts from Council of Europe the new Charter of Judges Selection Committee, Rules on Selection of Non-Judicial Candidates to Vacant Judicial Posts drafted by the Judicial-Legal Council and composition of the Committee formed.
More than half of 11 members of the Committee are consist of Judges. Moreover, others represent executive body, the Judicial-Legal Council administrative body, prosecution and advocacy.
It is necessary to note that, according to new rules of selection, all the candidates ensured with equal opportunity, they go in for an examination in single hall and results announced in the same hall in the faces of candidates after checking-up.
Those candidates who successfully passed written and oral examinations that carried out on international standards and transparently move on directly to the long-term training stage. Training stage arranged at the Academy of Justice. Thus, after finishing probation period in courts the next oral and written examinations arranged by the Committee.
The Judges Selection Committee conducts the Final Interview with those candidates who successfully passed examinations at the end of the training. Final Interview is conducted in order to reveal acquirement of Judges' qualities. After evaluation of each candidate, the result is given to the Council.
The Judicial-Legal Council refers the candidates to specialization fields according to the results of the Conversation and opinion of the Judges Selection Committee. The Judicial-Legal Council proposes President of the Republic of Azerbaijan their appointment to vacant judicial posts.

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